Author speaking at a startup event
  1. Make more money
  2. Tell better stories

Why it works

Work will never be the same

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You went camping and forgot you’re not homeless

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The Creative Life Is Possible

It’s exciting and terrifying

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The Creative Life Is Possible

What do they want? How are they hiding it?

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How to find the want

The scientific way to beat the odds

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Risk Aversion

If you follow your passion and truly believe it can earn you big bucks, then it will.

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James Clear Did His Best for 3 Years

“The most important thing is also the least sexy one. I wrote two to three articles per week for three years, and I tried my best every time.” — James Clear

The Creative Life Is Possible

I had dinner with one of the biggest writers in Hollywood

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Be where the action is

4 power-hours of super-meaning per week is all you need

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Going after dreams doesn’t mean going alone

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Taylor Foreman

Lost southern boy writing around the world. I write about creativity and money.

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