You’re just afraid to be yourself

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My brother is gay. I spent time with him this weekend, and he said something amazing.

“I know it’s not a choice, but I would choose to be gay if I could. It makes me spicy.”

He explained that the very thing that makes people hate you is the exact…

A snapshot of what I think I’m doing right

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I talk to a lot of people who want to become writers.

“Do I have what it takes?” is the question that everyone is dancing around. You don’t ask it, but that’s what you’re all thinking.

The good news is, yes, you have what it takes. Even if English isn’t…

When you don’t know what to do, find a good feeling and wait

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I met a woman in Barcelona who was talking about how much better her life would be if she could just make it to LA.

I told her that I came from LA and as far as I could tell, Spain was a much nicer place for a human being…

I’ll take responsibility to say what you want to hear

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I met a math grad student on my travels. She probably had an IQ of 150.

Over a few days, we got to know one another. She found out I had a blog and that I talked about creativity. She told me, “I’m depressed. …

Disembodied writing is writing for no one.

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I’m in Prague for a week — seeing the sights.

I’ve met a couple of med students and a physicist, all Germans. We talked, walked, and drank — discussing cultural differences, philosophy, language, and drugs.

The conversation is dynamic and funny. I’m a better “writer” when I’m hoping on cobblestones…

None of this has to be hard

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I met a physicist whose dream was to become a writer.

“If I give up this path, I need to work my ass off. I have to get successful.”

It won’t work.

The whole reason you want to give up the first path is because you’re forcing yourself to do…

Your writing contributes to the sanity that we all get to share

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I’m in Berlin. I asked my German friend, “Hey, I almost forgot: I owe you 33 euros, don’t I?”

She looked at me, deadpan. “Yes, you do.”

I laughed. When she looked confused, I explained, “It seems like you’re mad at me.”

“I’m not. It’s just — you do!”


Creativity means making things most people hate

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I’m currently living with an old friend. The other day, he had a question about my blog. “You mostly write, like, motivational stuff, right? Like, mindset?”

“I guess that’s what I tend to blog about, yeah.”

It was completely innocent. He was just curious if I ever wrote articles about…

Life is never a full reset

Photo of the author’s Berlin apartment

I’m living in Berlin right now. My friends are here. I love the work that I do. I can do pretty much whatever I want. I can fly to Spain next week or take a train to Greece to meet a new friend.

I’m finding that the more I relax…

No one could stop you if you were in the right place

Person laying on a couch.
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I’m embarrassed to admit this.

I love podcast interviews with Tony Robbins. Or Gary Vaynerchuk. Or *insert hyper-productive (mostly) dude.* I listen to interviews and copy their behavior. After about a week, I burn out and assume they must be superhuman. Why doesn’t that work?

You can’t get there by copying behavior

Gary Vee’s biochemistry is synced…

Taylor Foreman

Lost southern boy shooting the breeze. The Creative Life Is Possible.

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