“Somebody loves me!” she says, dancing, phone in hand. They’re in a studio apartment, sparsely decorated and some furniture is still in plastic wrap.

“That’s great, Katherine! Um, what do you mean though?” says the girl with a lamp in her hand.

“I’m saying that I’ve found that somebody loves me, Abby,” Katherine says, giving a crying-laugh moan as punctuation.

“That’s great! I’m really happy for you. Can you explain what you mean?” Abby says. She’s glaring at the phone in her hand.

“I’m on this dating site and someone just liked me…” She gives another cry-laugh.

“Well, they probably just liked you, you know? You can like them back and you can match them and talk and see if… you know?” Abby says. She puts the lamp on the desk and tries to seem like she’s making sure it looks good.

“No, you don’t understand!” Katherine says, throwing her arms over her head and tossing her hair. “This is true love. He saw my picture-you know the one with me eating a burrito-and he just liked it, and I can just see him, and he’s exactly my type and I just know that everything is going to work out. You know, it’s been really hard since Dan left, so… This is really great!” She spins and sits on the bed, no sheets.

“That’s great! I’m really glad someone liked you…” She puts her chin in her hand. “But I would feel a little responsible if I didn’t tamper your expectations a little bit, honey.” She sits on the bed and puts her arm around Katherine. “I know you’ve been with Dan for years and you haven’t been on the dating sites since they came out… It doesn’t mean-it’s just a like. People send likes, like, willy-nilly.”

“No, not Nathaniel! I can tell it in his little eyes. He’s a good one. And he liked me. So, why are you ruining this for me you…fucking bitch.”

“Ok! Jesus! Can you maybe sense that this isn’t the best time to be on a dating site? Maybe you’re a little unstable?”

“Unstable! Ok! Just because you want to leave your fat husband!”

“Ok! I’m going to go, Katherine. That’s enough.”

“Ok, Girl!” Katherine says, giving Abby a hug. “Sorry I’m a little crazy! I’m just in love, you know? You know how you get crazy in love!”

“Ok, yeah, great. Good luck with your love.” Abby goes to leave, having to sidle around unopened boxes.

Originally published at https://www.tumblr.com on December 31, 2019.

Written by

Lost southern boy learning to be a storyteller in Los Angeles. Interested in writing together? taylorforeman.com

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